A financial advisor named Mark called me last week to let me know that the strategies and tactics taught to him by The Wright Company worked perfectly. About a month ago, Mark called to let me know that a very wealthy prospect wasn't progressing as he had hoped. It looked as if the case wasn't going to happen.

The Problem- Clients or prospects that aren't following your advice, or are just procrastinating important action.

The Diagnosis- They say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. We say, it helps to start with a thirsty horse. In short, Mark's real challenge wasn't procrastinating clients or prospects, it was in fact motivating and focusing their attention to bring about action.

The Strategy- Exercise the horses. That's right, if they aren't thirsty right now, they won't drink what you are offering. Therefore, you must "salt the oats" or "exercise them" so they become thirsty (motivated) or anxious for what you offer.

The Tactic- Send them a copy of The Wright Exit Strategy-Wealth: How to Create It, Keep It, and Use It. This book will educate, motivate, and empower the client or prospect to take action sooner and follow through on your important recommendations. The book helps them identify and correct their own dysfunctional behavior and positions you as their primary advisor.

The Outcome- The prospect called Mark about a week after receiving The Wright Exit Strategy- Wealth: How to Create It, Keep It, and Use It and told him that Mark's questionnaire was completed along with a retainer check and was in the mail. The New Wealthy Client wanted two extra copies of the book to assist him in his purchase of two companies whose owners were procrastinating or stalling the sales.

Dynamic Results happen all the time when professionals read and apply The Wright Exit Strategy and pass copies along to their clients and prospects. This tactic costs about the same as buying the client or prospect lunch; however, it has much longer lasting and more powerful results. Many professionals are using The Wright Exit Strategy to position themselves as financial visionaries and primary advisors in their communities or market niches. They report that The Wright Exit Strategy is a tremendous third party tool which positions them as the expert the client needs in a truly win/win format. It helps separate them from their competitors and provides that most competitive advantage of all - vision.

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Best Regards,

Melinda Mordue
Vice President
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