Enduring Value
Commodities and transactions are easily found on price lists. True value - the kind that exists and endures beyond the boundaries of "the deal" - is somewhat ambiguous and thus cannot be printed on some generic list of services or transactions. Technical competency, relevant experience and creativity combined with wisdom are the professional values for which intelligent, successful clients hunger. True value is often a subtle thing, best determined by each project or desired outcome. the wisest clients know that their best outcomes will be achieved through competent creative vision, sound execution and the principle of win/win for everyone involved.

When I want an important project accomplished brilliantly, I find the very best professional and compensate them so that they have a stake in the endeavor. Great people are hard to find and are worth their weight in gold. They do not work off a price list. They are not commodities. Great professionals produce results of enduring value.

Bruce R. Wright 11/13/97