Bruce R. Wright, Founder and Chairman ofThe Wright Company, has dedicated his career to learning and teachingthe essential principles of creating and preserving wealth. For morethan a decade, America's leading financial organizations, eliteprofessionals, and their "A" level clients have benefited fromWright's cutting-edge strategies. Widely regarded as a visionaryamong financial professionals, his insight is highly valued both forits objectivity and innovation.

As the author of The Wright Exit Strategy: Wealth How to Create It,Keep It, and Use It, Wright and his companies are providing dynamic,leading-edge systems, tools and techniques to help top professionalsbecome magnets to America's wealthy.

Best known as the creator of the Macro Strategic Planning™ process,Wright has opened up new frontiers in financial services by teachinghow to create teams of professionals to serve all the needs of wealthyclients. Wright's outside-the-box strategies are breaking down thebarriers that used to keep brokers, attorneys, CPAs, realtors andbankers from pooling their expertise. The resulting StrategicAlliances have taken financial, estate, investment and tax planning toa whole new level.

Wright's presentations are packed with up-to-date informationdelivered in a down-to-earth manner. They open new horizons foraudiences. Perfect for all financial services professionals,management, and wealthy individuals, Wright's quick wit and legendarystorytelling are guaranteed to inform as they entertain.


In this fast-moving and eye-opening presentation, your audience willdiscover why it takes a team of professionals to really serve "A"level clients. Using the analogy of blind men trying to describe anelephant, Bruce illustrates why no lone professional (be it attorney,CPA, broker, realtor, et al.) has a complete picture of a client'sneeds or all of the possible solutions to address them. Your audiencewill learn a powerful and comprehensive system to transcend mere"networking" to create powerful alliances of complementaryprofessionals that attract and serve "A" level clients.

Learn: How to turn deal-killers and gate-keepers into deal-makers and referralsources.

Discover: How to become the Primary Advisor to your clients without ever asking.

Master: The creation of an "A" level SWAT Teamto fulfill your clients' most challenging goals.


Creating and sustaining "the perfect business" requires innovativethinking, action and follow through. Just because a strategy hasworked in the past doesn't mean it will work forever. In thispowerful, focused presentation, Bruce gives your audience a"blueprint" filled with practical methods to build revenue and expandbusiness right now. All financial services professionals will benefitfrom following Bruce's strategy to create mutually beneficialrelationships with clients and other financial services professionals.

Unleash: The power of "Value-Based Billing."

Uncover: Your core competency and how to "magnetically" attract new clients.

Explore: The value of coaching your clients. Boost your earnings as you offer education and mentoring.

3) Attracting "A" Level Clients with Magnetic Marketing
Given a choice, would you prefer to stalk clients or attract them? Inthis compelling, information-packed presentation, Bruce draws ondecades of experience with wealthy clients. Audiences will learn thesecret strength of positioning and Magnetic Marketing to attract "A"level clients without having to pursue them. These easy-to-learntechniques, field-tested by million dollar performers are guaranteedto make your audience irresistible to elite prospects.

Motivate: Get sophisticated clients to take action on your proposals immediately.

Innovate: Apply explosive new marketing tools to take your business where you want to go.

Boost: Learn how to increase your annual revenue by 50-100% using a "Macro Consultative" approach.

Sr. Vice President, Investments,
Large International Financial Services Firm

"Many people talk about creating the 'perfect business and life'. Byfollowing Bruce's principles, I've actually done it. I enjoy helpingfamilies create and preserve more wealth, minimize taxes and leavelasting legacies. To attract and competently service more of thesehigh net worth clients, I knew I had to create Strategic Alliances. Atthe same time, I've increased my quality of life and my income. Trulyeveryone wins."

Vice President, Investments,
Large International Financial Services Firm

"The most valuable part of forming a Strategic Alliance is that itelevates you to the next level. High net worth clients see you as atrue professional because you take a team approach to serving theirneeds. Most people understand that when it comes to managing theirtotal net worth they need a team of competent specialists workingtoward the same goals. With a team of "A" level professionals, itbecomes possible to fulfill the clientÕs 'big picture' needs andgoals." "By applying 'The Wright' principles I attract better clientsbecause I'm committed to being part of a client centered team thatoffers greater value. Once the word got out, I found "A" levelclients and professionals pursuing me."

Managing Partner,
Hopkins & Carley Law Firm

"The Wright System has completely changed how we view our practice,both in terms of the services we should offer and who our clientsshould be. We have made the shift from a transactional,bits-and-pieces approach to providing one that's global, strategic andgoal-oriented. It was like turning on a light bulb: once you realizewhat a powerful, dynamic process this is, there's no going back.""Before applying these principles, it was as if clients were orderingour services off a menu. Instead, we now ask them, 'What do you wantfrom a big picture perspective? What are you trying to accomplishwith your life?' That's a very different kind of conversation. Itopens up possibilities most clients, or for that matter mostprofessionals, have never considered. With the 'Wright System'everyone wins, both clients and professionals."

Vice President of Investments,
National Investment Firm

"These principles have transformed the way I interact with my clients. What sets me apart is I take the time to find out what's important tothem. Then I develop the Entrance, Growth and Exit Strategies thatachieve their goals and fulfill their values. It sounds simple, but myclients love it and my competition is dumfounded."

Smith Barney
A.G. Edwards
Everen Securities
Motes & Kessemeier
Hopkins & Carley
McCormick Barstow
Carroll Burdick & McDonough
Stoughton Davidson Accountancy Corp.

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